Vlad the Impala, Tea. Wrecks, and the Phantom Mantis

I have a bunch of pads full of ideas for comics or cartoons, each of these ideas varies widely in its quality. I’m quite proud of some, and I like others for other reasons. About 5% of those ideas are puns with no greater consequence than the pun. Once I’ve written an idea down for a pun cartoon, it’s fun to imagine how I might draw it. But when it comes to spending >6 hours planning, sketching, and penning one of these ideas – I realise that the pun comics are just not worth it. The time spent:respect ratio is way out of whack. This page is one of the first I did for my series, ‘Pen Sapiens’, so it got in there before I realised that puns might not be worth it.

I think my dad might be the only one who enjoys puns as much as me. Oh geez.