Interactivity and Feedback

If you read something I write or look at something I’ve drawn then please let me know how it made you feel, what it made you think, or whatever response it might have produced (if any). I’m looking for feedback, ideas, and criticisms.

At the moment my craft is operating in a bubble with no public access or opinion, I have no way of knowing its quality or worth, so please Visitor, give me your thoughts.

I read a quote from Aristotle this morning: “Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.”

Good point.

When I look at an illustration, I try to look for details that give away the real-life details of the artist’s environment when they were doing the piece. This goes for lyrics, paintings, stories, you name it.

Some details that are revealed by the first comic page I posted: I can be reliant on my girlfriend to help me with things I should accomplish myself, I normally do things calmly but in the heat of inspiration I get hot and bothered and frustrated (my rolled up jumper sleeves), I attempt to be well organised but when things go missing – they go missing in a well ordered mass, we are plant-loving people and keep plants all around our apartment (mother in law’s tongue in the lounge room), I enjoy Super Mario games and have cushions with Mario stuff on them.

That was a self-indulgent look at my own thing and it was a bit weird, but you get the picture I assume. So tell me your observations and thoughts. I especially want to know if anything you see leads to some point of inspiration on your end.