Life alone

This is my most recent cartoon after a long art drought (a few months).

I started this drawing before I moved out, and finished it at my new place (where the scene is modelled from). I’ve been doing a lot of landscape painting recently, and tried to implement some of the techniques I’ve been using in this cartoon.

I tried to use the colours of reflected light on surfaces that would reflect light nicely. This is minor, but my red lacquered bass is reflecting red light onto my blue shirt, creating a reddish-purplish light.

This is quite strange: that apparently reddish-purplish reflected light on the shirt is actually grey with very little red. I think I inadvertently created a colour illusion, possibly ‘colour constancy‘.

No wonder why I have so much trouble identifying and working with colours, and no wonder the blue-black, white-gold dress thing took off.

I also used a little bit of half-opacity colour like the light coming through the window, the pipe smoke, and the light coming from my computer screen.

It’s not quite clear but there are musical notes and a pair of waltzers in my pipe smoke. My book-writing self is munching on a celery stick, also unclear.

I’m not quite satisfied with the colour combination of the Tamagotchi. I initially had a pink and yellow combo, which looked good, but was too vibrant. I wanted something that was consistent with the top panel, but that had a feeling of unease and misery (which I don’t have, but which helps the joke), thus blue and purple.

There are my unnecessary words for an otherwise simple cartoon.