App development: Lineage

Somehow I’m in the middle of developing an app, a game. Well, I myself am not developing it — that’s the job of a genius team. But I did conceive the concept and game play. The game is called ‘Lineage’, and will be available, for free, on iOS and Android in a few months*. Basically, you play as a sperm to fertilise at least one egg, and then divide into a larval salamander and catch food, and then metamorphose into an adult. And, if you manage to survive through those three stages and manage to find a mate as an adult, then you begin a new generation back as a sperm. The cycle continues and you must grow the largest lineage of salamander.

What do you think, sound interesting? Well I hope so.

My ultimate goal is to interweave education, and entertainment into a worthwhile final thing. Hopefully it pans out like I hope. The work is only just beginning.

*The above was written in early 2014. Writing this in September 2015 — progress is going slowly. Hopefully next time I write about this, it will be complete.