6 Things Nintendo Taught Me About My Life and Myself

I recently got my first videogame article published, and published on a reputable site The Escapist.

The article is titled: '6 Things Nintendo Taught Me About My Life and Myself'. Presumably it's stealing to repost the whole thing here, so the intro is below. The article essentially goes through some games and gaming experiences I've had and identifies what lessons they've engendered me with (with reference to pop-psychology principles).

For everyone outside the gaming world, a console or computer isn’t the healthiest tool for raising children. Gamers stare, stupefied at a 2D screen, while everybody else lives and learns in a beautiful 3D world. When travel broadens the mind, what wisdom could a gloomy lounge room bring to a developing human brain? Well, gamers and non-gamers alike, gather around as I pass on six life lessons bestowed upon me from my game guide, my console consort - my Nintendo nanny.