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Episode One - Dinosaur cooing, snowlines, macrophage suicide, and virus-induced evolution

Episode Two - Parasite-induced butterfly evolution, Why sloths are so slow, and new human brain map

Episode Three - Dolly didn't die from cloning complications, LUCA (Last Universal Common Ancestor), Female bonobo coalitions, New alzheimer's drug

Episode Four - Thirsty mammoths, edge effects, the sleep switch, and parasites

2SER have just given me the microphone, audience, and show format I've been trying to cultivate for some time: weekly science news for a popular audience. 

When I was a kid I wondered at the prominence of sports news in newspapers and on TV. As predictable as the setting sun, sports was given a generous 5 minutes or more at the closing of each news night, as if it were the forecast for the world's air supply.

The worldwide spotlight on sports news confused me for some years. And then I discovered the fountain of science news that was released each day and which wasn't heard or given a dime of airtime on many, if any, mainstream news outlets - after which, I was frustrated.

In a comically weak attempt to redress this balance, last year I collated one day's science news, wrote up a brief outline, and videotaped myself reading the science newscast for a YouTube upload. Everything about it was awful, except maybe my choice in news stories. It was a fine idea executed poorly. I even contacted my cinematographer friend for help, but he needed more swaying.

Alas, this exact premise has been arrived at, and opportunity extended, by the lovely folks at 2SER 107.3 FM. Now, I'm fortunate enough to do just that, but with an appreciable and appreciative audience. Thanks 2SER :)