Pen Sapiens' Greetings with Comic Pages

Blog Sphere,

Welcome to Pen Sapiens. Here I’ll be posting the progress of my various projects, projects riding on freshly sparked inspiration, projects in for the long haul, and those projects that have flailed and died but which I’ll post up anyways.

I’m starting this blog for a few known reasons: to publish my plans and ideas into the ether which might pressure me into completing them, to gain access to the wisdom of folk with already flourishing pages, and hopefully, to entertain or inspire visitors.

For my first post, I thought I’d upload a comic book page. It’s the first page towards an idea for a comic book I had, and I thought that it neatly captures the fate of many of my ides and endeavours. I do have a tendency to rant and explain unnecessary details and minor digressions, but I’ll keep this first post brief.

I'm Feeling Creative