Psychoactive Illustrations — Meds For Heads

About two years ago I was commissioned to do some illustrations for a popular psychology book about drugs that affect your brain. The authors wanted cartoons, and at the time I had never really drawn cartoons. I did my best, they were pleased, and I've been doing cartoons since. Here are a few of those illustrations.


MAOIs – Mind the Cheese Please. These drugs are used to treat depression but have severe side effects when consumed in conjunction with some cheeses and wines. One of the effects is called a ‘hypertensive crisis’ and is worth looking up.



Mogadon Granny. Nitrazepam, marketed as Mogadon, is used for insomnia yet has the potential to be abused by users. It is used by the elderly, but its paralysing effects last over night and can result in the elderly falling and breaking hips.



Cold Turkey – I was asked to do an illustration of a cold turkey going ‘cold turkey’ on Xanax.



Pill slinging big pharma and the nanny-like pharmascolders. This one didn't end up being used for some reason. I was quite pleased with it. If you look closely, the cowboy is sponsered by Prozac and is shooting capsules.



Can't remember which condition this was for. This is also a shameless use of Jim Carrey.


Hope you enjoyed.