Cassini's Grand Finale — illustrated history of Cassini-Huygens

September 2017, NASA's Cassini took its final loop around Saturn—between the rings and the planetary body itself—before incinerating in the atmosphere. Depicting a brief Cassini history, I drew the below cartoons. I was also very lucky to be at the tracking station in Canberra that received Cassini's final transmission before its own death. I broadcast a 'Facebook Live' stream from the station, featured at the page bottom.

1) Lift off w captions, cassini end of mission.png
2) Solar transit w captions, cassini end of mission.png
3) Cassini arrival and tracking w captions, cassini end of mission.png
4) Huygens and Titan 4 (with captions), cassini end of mission.png
5) Grand finale shooting star 3 (captions), cassini end of mission.png

Here's a live video from the event featuring Glen Nagle, Outreach Lead of the CSIRO-NASA deep space tracking station in Canberra. (Sorry to future blog readers with the dead link below.)