Interronauts | the CSIRO podcast

"Interronauts is the CSIRO podcast that puts a rose-tinted magnifying glass to science news from around the world, Australia, and inside the CSIRO itself. Hosted by Jesse Hawley and Sophie Schmidt from the CSIRO."

Yes, Interronauts is a science, news podcast co-created by me and Sophie Schmidt from CSIRO. We were given a tentative run of six episodes, and then another six, followed by a hiatus. Here are the first dozen episodes, plus some video clips from Episode 10. Episode 8 is dead, gone, kaput.

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Video clips from Episode 10

Interronauts Episode 10: Introduction

Interronauts Episode 10: Plants turning caterpillars into cannibals (secondary metabolites)

Interronauts Episode 10: Sampling the Abyss — blob fish, faceless fish, and 200 years of coal